The Early Universe as a conscious state of matter

There seems to be increased support for a theory of a conscious universe. A number of researchers in multiple disciplines are reaching a similar hypothesis. Mathematicians, neurologists, physicists and philosophers believe we are ready to ask the question of whether the universe has ever been experiential. While a growing consensus think its time to tackle … Continue reading The Early Universe as a conscious state of matter

A message to epiphenomenalists and illusionists.

Much has been debated about how we view experience, is it causal or acausal? Neurological or dualistic? Invaluable or illusory? There is one stance however, I just can't entertain. There are those who are commited to the belief that consciousness is not only acausal (epiphenomenal) but also illusory, that there is little use for the … Continue reading A message to epiphenomenalists and illusionists.

Panprotopsychism and Pre-reflective-self-consciousness

Consciousness studies may have many schools of thought today ranging from physicalist, illusionist, dualist, panpsychist, emergent and more but there are issues which are prevalent in all stances. One of these is that of "pre-reflective self-consciousness", an issue which encapsulates the circularity and difficulty we encounter when trying to explain the emergence of self-awareness as … Continue reading Panprotopsychism and Pre-reflective-self-consciousness

06 – panpsychism, split-brains and dissolving the combination problem

Panpsychism is a philosophy which originates in ancient Eastern beliefs but has had a surge in Western interest with in recent decades. More and more researchers in philosophy, neuroscience and physics are coming to the conclusion that matter cannot explain consciousness and we must reformulate theories to accommodate this. Either; we must take experience, the … Continue reading 06 – panpsychism, split-brains and dissolving the combination problem

04 – Macro-Quantum-Entanglement to the nth degree…

The exploitability and applicability of Quantum Entanglement is now well established within the literature, lending to the idea that we are producing a real effect in the universe and not just a clever thought game or trick of the psyche. There remains however, an issue of scale. It still seems incredibly incoherent for us to … Continue reading 04 – Macro-Quantum-Entanglement to the nth degree…

03 – Quantum Internet to the nth degree…

Quantum computing and the quantum internet are technologies becoming increasingly close to mainstream use and integration in the near future, but what exactly is a quantum internet, and what would it mean for today's world? Here we explore the upper limits of the quantum internet by taking it to the nth degree. 2019 was a … Continue reading 03 – Quantum Internet to the nth degree…

02 – Quantum Principles: Entanglement

An important mechanism within the quantum world is that of entanglement. Entanglement and superposition are linked and the terms can often become confusing so here I delineate what is meant by the term "Quantum Entanglement". This will provide a base understanding of the mechanism, later easing the description of things like macro-entanglement and quantum computing. … Continue reading 02 – Quantum Principles: Entanglement

01 – Quantum Principles: Superposition

As this blog series progresses there will be many occasions where we take quantum phenomena to their theoretical and logical extremes. So to start off, I want to outline some of the key quantum principles and mechanisms that will be essential to truly grasping the following articles. First; quantum superposition. Most people will mention Schrödinger's … Continue reading 01 – Quantum Principles: Superposition