00.1 – Welcome to The nth Degree

It seems in recent years we’ve all gone a bit crazy over quantum weirdness. A quick search of the literature and you will find the qunatum realm has been envoked to explain just about everything from the fundamental nature of the universe, the rhythms of the psyche, the outcome of a sporting match or even mystical predictions. Not all are well founded and some are just down right silly but the point remains; there’s a whole lot of pseudoscience in the quantum world.

While some cower away from the word, believing in any article which spouts “quantum” just because they think it’s all terribly complex and that must mean it’s true. There are just as many ready to capitalise on the lack of understanding among the general public, even empirical researchers, regarding how to interpret quantum weirdness. I don’t think the concepts of quantum phenomena need be complex, even if the calculations themselves are.

A large portion of the coming articles will be concerned with describing real-life applications of new, developing and theoretical abilities of quantum weirdness. To understand the maths isn’t paramount, what’s important for most of us, is knowing the limits of the mechanisms and technologies which we hope to develop in the near future. So, keep an eye out for my upcoming articles exploring the limits of these technologies by taking them to the nth degree!

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